Introduction of liquor

■Product line-up

【RAIRAKU Keg Draft Junmai】

Ibaraki Sake Brewing Co., Ltd.Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
Aroma reminiscent of white peaches and pineapples.
With mild sweetness and juiciness unique to unfiltered.
Good balance of umami、
Addictive to this flavor-aroma gap.
Long lingering sound with elegant umami.

【CHIKUSEN Keg Draft Yamada Nishiki Directly packed in the tank mouth】

Tajime general pertonership:Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
Like green apples and freshly cooked rice yogurt.
Milky aroma gently scents.
Slightly dry and very mellow texture.
Especially good balance of acidity and umami.
Some bitterness that remains in the lingering sound is expected to have a synergistic effect with the diet/

【CHIKUSEN Keg Draft Nigori Sparkling】

ajime general pertonership:Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
Uses 100% Dontokoi rice from Asago city.
Focusing on the elegant aroma of rice flour、
White grapes White peach and melon-like scents feel soft.
Along with the creaminess of the turbidity, the mouth is sharp and well-balanced.
Slightly dry, turbid sparkling that goes great with meat dishes.


Tsubosaka Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.:Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
Very rich like nuts and ripe melons.
Aroma that makes you feel the taste。
It also has a scent like freshly cooked rice.
Has a moderate sweetness derived from rice.
The taste of rice is strong and the finish is long.

【SAWANOHANA Keg Draft Junmai Ginjo 60】

Tomono Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.:Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
A crystal with a hint of brilliance and green。
The scent has a gorgeous impression. The scent of muscat Japanese pear is in harmony with the scent of rice derived from white ball dumplings.
A creamy scent like almond tofu。
The taste is an impression that the gentle sweetness spreads softly and smoothly with mild acid.
The fresh and fresh fruit scent like when you bite a pear is comfortable.
The pear-like flavor and the volume of the original sake last for a long time in the mouth.
We recommend chilling in a slender wine glass like a champagne glass.

【HOUKA Keg Draft】

Toshimaya Co., Ltd.:Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
Crystal with a brilliant, faint green tone.
The scent is a gorgeous impression The scent of melon and white peach Kanagi.
The taste is juicy and the volume is good.
A gentle sweetness like an elegant Wasanbon spreads and lasts in your mouth with a fruity scent.
The sour taste is not so much and the back mouth is refreshing.
Enjoy in a large wine glass to harmonize the volume and taste of the aroma.
The exotic aroma and sweetness go well with fish nanban vinegar and sweet and sour sauce.

【SENSUKE Keg Draft】

Izumi Sake Brewery Co., Ltd.:Official homepage
《Tasting notes》
Fresh impression.
The aroma of melon and muscat fruits and the slightly fragrant nuances of Koji.
The taste is a little dry。
Fruit scent overflows in the mouth, but the sharpness of the back mouth is good.