Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

■ Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions about KEG DRAFT JAPAN.

・ What is KEG DRAFT?

Q What is KEG DRAFT?
A This is a new system where you can enjoy freshly squeezed sake all over the world at any time. ( What is KEG DRAFT SAKE? )

・ Introduction

Q What do you need to install?
A First of all, please register as a user. (Click here for user registration and inquiries)

A special dispense coupler is required for installation in stores.

In addition, a tap system for extracting liquor and a pressurizing device such as a gas or compressor are required.

Q How to store?
A Store in a refrigerator below 5 ℃.

One of the transaction conditions is that restaurants have refrigeration equipment.

Q Is there a best-by date?
A In the case of sake, if it is handled properly and the temperature is controlled, the quality can be maintained for several months after opening.

Q What is the size of KEG (barrel)?
A A refrigerating space is required to hold about 4 bottles. (Width 24 cm Depth 24 cm Height 45 cm)

Q How do you serve sake?
A You can serve alcohol from a tap like a beer server.

・ Where to buy

Q Where can I buy it?
You can purchase from A KEG DRAFT partner liquor stores. Please contact us for details.

・ How to dispose of used KEG

Q How do you dispose of it?
A After use, use the dedicated diffuser or coupler pressure valve to release the pressure inside the KEG and separate the black parts from the transparent parts. Please dispose of it yourself according to the recycling rules of each local government.

We do not collect and dispose of it.