KEG DRAFT Philosophy

Creating a new world with freshly squeezed sake

"Why can't you drink delicious sake overseas?"

KEG DRAFT started with such a question.

KEG DRAFT will build a solution that provides freshly squeezed sake all over the world by utilizing the characteristics of special containers that prevent changes in beverages.

→ You can enjoy freshly squeezed food no matter where you reach it in the world.

The goal of KEG DRAFT

Keep the taste of the maker.
We will create solutions around the world where you can enjoy fresh sake from a glass.


Quality is our top priority in everything. We provide the following support to maximize the characteristics of KeyKeg.

1. Technical support

We will provide technical support and advice on equipment so that the sake brewed in the best condition can be filled in the optimum condition.

2. Distribution solution

All distribution of KEG DRAFT SAKE is carried out by product temperature control transportation. All exports will be done by air transportation. In addition, we aim to provide the highest quality in local inventory by fresh rotation within 2 months of warehousing.

3. Service support

We will support you so that KEG DRAFT SAKE can be optimally provided at restaurants, such as advice on how to provide it at restaurants, supply and maintenance of extraction systems, etc.

Sharing experiences

We aim to create an opportunity to share the freshly squeezed taste that can only be tasted at the brewery all over the world, and create a happiness experience from a cup.