I could only drink at the sake brewery
Freshly squeezed sake

※「KEG DRAFT」as well as「DRAFT SAKE」Is a registered trademark of Clip Creative。
DRAFT SAKE manufacturing method and mechanism of serving while refrigerating is a patent of Clip Creative Co., Ltd.

Immediately after squeezing sake, there is a slight firing feeling that is naturally created during the fermentation process of sake.
Freshly picked fruit There is a feeling of freshness like.
KEG DRAFTImmediately after squeezing, which was previously only available in sake breweries.
Exactly 「Freshly squeezed sake will send.

KEG DRAFT's sake 10LComes in a special container.
This container has a structure that does not allow light and oxygen to pass through.
From after opening to the last drop
Maintains a freshly squeezed feeling

Width 24 cm Depth 24 cm Height 45 cm that can hold about 4 bottlesm)
Refrigerated space
If you have, you can install KEG DRAFTす。
Capacity is 10L Weight is about 11kg.
Both weight and space are about 2/3 of the conventional one.

Installation and handling method and after-sales support.
We also propose deployment methods that suit the stores that have introduced it.

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KEG DRAFT dedicated server

With a refrigerating space for about 4 bottles、
All you need is a KEG DRAFT starter kit
Your refrigeration equipment will be transformed into a dedicated sake server.
It is portable and can be poured directly in front of the customer.
Great for events。

※All KEG DRAFT products require refrigeration.

-1510 Refrigerator for KEG DRAFT that can be set.
Adjust the set temperature as well as store liquor.
You can serve thick sake。

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The ever-expanding KEG DRAFT

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