KEGDRAFT x Amakara Techo event held

KEGDRAFT×あまから手帖 イベント開催

One of the best gourmet magazines in Kansai to be released on March 23, 2021誌「Amakara Techo」KEG DRAFT special feature published in April issue!

An event will be held at OSAKA FOOD LAB where you can actually experience KEG DRAFT with the release of the April issue of Amakara Techo.ます。
On the day of the event, the editor-in-chief Nakamoto of Amakara Techo will be the navigator, and our representative, Takeizumi Watanabe, President of Kuramoto Harumei, and President of Akashi's Tanaka Liquor Store, KEG DRAFT will be born. receiveしんでいただけます。

Event details and application method are as follows。

~OSAKA FOOD LAB Amakara Techo collaboration project企画~
「Support by drinking local sake from Kansai援!」

【Information for the 2nd event】

「Bring the freshly squeezed taste from the brewery to the world!」

The second will be held on March 28th開催。

The theme of this time is KEG DRAFT SAKE, that is, the barrel of the brewery.態で楽しめる。

The plan was put on hold due to the invasion of Corona when he was wrapping up an export plan to develop Japan's first Keg draft and want him to drink fresh sake overseas.計画は保留に…。

This time, we will have a talk show with Mr. Yasuki Tanaka of Tanaka Liquor Store, a fermented brewed food sales office, and Mr. Hiroki Tajime, the former editor of Takeizumi Hyogo, as a navigator. Please enjoyクショーをお楽しみください。

What is the talk theme KEG DRAFT SAKE?何?」。

 It is an event where you can feel the difference in freshness by comparing the drinking of Ichimoku bottle and Keg's bamboo spring, and you can see and listen to Keg's sake at a talk show from the secret story of development to the future prospects.イベントです。

Drink local sake from Kansai and cheer for it. Please join us for the second time.い!

■Date and time March 28, 2021 15:00 16:3016:30‬
■Meeting place OSAKA FOOD LAB 1-1-36 Nakatsu, Kita-ku, Osaka City Hankyu Underpass Spaceスペース)
■The reception will be closed as soon as the capacity of 35 people is full.きます。
■Participation fee 3,000 yen (compared to drinking sake bamboo spring, 2 cups of Keg draft salmon 90 + 1 book of Amakara notebook)から手帖」1冊付)

※Meals are not included, but you can purchase them at the restaurant booth inside the venue.す。

※Keg liquor can be additionally drunk at the venue for a fee料)。

■How to apply Please apply by any of the following methodsい。

① Apply by phone to the OSAKA FOOD LAB secretariat
(Secretariat tel070-4141-916262‬)

② Apply from the direct message of OSAKA FOOD LAB Instagram account

■Thoughts behind the event

Food experiment site OSAKA FOOD LAB Osaka Food Lab Taking advantage of the location characteristics under the overpass, this open air with a roof and abundant ventilation is a space where people can gather with peace of mind even in the corona disaster. I planned it from the desire to support the sake breweryの想いから企画しました。

Every month, select one sake brewery in Kansai and call the brewery to have a talk event. Enjoy a drink comparison and a collaboration menu with OSAKA FOOD LAB store owners on Sundays.でいただきます。